8 Inch Work Boots

Protective Safety footwear is an essential part of every work day to ensure that your feet stay healthy and safe. Today’s safety footwear does not just provide protection against work hazards but is also comfortable, flexible and more stylish looking. Work Boots are available in either 6 or 8-inch lengths. Today we are concentrating on the 8-inch work boot which is the less popular of the two.


Index Table for 8 Inch Work Boots

1Danner Men's Quarry USA - 8 Inch Non-Conductive Work Boot Danner
  • Vibram Quarry Outsole
  • Gore-Tex Lining
  • EH protection
  • Waterproof
2Ariat Men's Hermosa - XR 8 Inch Workboot Ariat
  • Goodyear Welt
  • XR Technology
  • X-Static Lining
  • Steel Toe
3Chippewa Men's 24951 - 8 Inch Waterproof, Insulated Work Boot Chippewa
  • Waterproof
  • Insulated
4Wolverine Men's Marauder - Steel Toe, EH 8 Inch Workboot Wolverine
  • Waterproof, Insulated, Nylon Shank
  • Cushioned
5Timberland Pro Men's Direct Attach - Waterproof 8 Inch Workboot Timberland Pro
  • Waterproof
  • Direct-Attach
  • Agion Treated
  • Cushioned

Differences between an 8 Inch and a 6 Inch Work Boot

There are mainly only two differences between an 8 inch and a 6-inch work boot; the 6-inch work boot is lighter while the 8-inch work boot gives better ankle support.
An 8 inch work boot is a good choice for outdoor work if when you need to move through snow or sludge as it protects your legs by keeping water and debris out and gives you more warmth, though and 8 inch boot can be a bit heavier and allow for less free movement. An 8 inch work boot will usually have the added feature of being waterproof as well as in some brands having a protective steel toe. Some 8 inch work boots may be insulated to give you even better protection against colder weather conditions. The 6 inch and 8 inch work boot can come in both a lace-up or pull-on design.

Who will Wear an Eight Inch Work Boot

An 8 inch work boot is an excellent choice for any industrial worker in general. The most suited use for an 8 inch work boot though would be for cold weather or snow, working in mud or wet conditions, construction work and outdoor work. An 8inch insulated work boot would be the best choice for working in very cold weather conditions. While a non-insulated 8 inch work boot can be worn on construction sites to keep dust and debris out of your shoes or for outdoor work in wet or muddy conditions, in which case you will need a waterproof boot. An 8 inch work boot has the added advantage of providing ankle support so for anyone needing extra ankle support for an injury, condition or work that strains the ankles the 8 inch work boot will also make an excellent choice.

Features of an 8 Inch Safety Work Boot

  • An 8 Inch shaft protecting the legs and ankles.
  • Made from tough leather or synthetic materials that will last and protect your feet.
  • Waterproof uppers and or a waterproof outsole.
  • A steel toe, electrical hazard protection or a composite toe as added safety features.
  • A comfortable insole and good shock absorbency along with a durable and supportive midsole.
  • In some boots a mesh or nylon lining to keep your feet dry.
  • A durable, slip and oil resistant outsole ususally made fromrubber.

The Best Available 8 Inch Work Boots

Here are reviews on some of the top rated 8 inch work boots that you will find high in demand today;


For those of you who are looking for a durable, no-fuss 8-inch work boot that has fantastic protective specs, the Danner quarry is your perfect match. Durable, protective, waterproof, comfortable, you name it this shoe has it.

  • The Vibram Quarry outsole and midsole have been upgraded to perform as a single piece for enhanced durability and longevity
  • The Vibram Quarry outsole is slip and oil resistant.
  • The triple stitching technology ensures extreme durability that significantly reduces wear and tear for a long lasting work boot.
  • Protection Rugged Hardware designed uppers made from full grain leather for a secure and ling lasting fit.
  • A waterproof and breathable Gore-tex Lining to keep your feet dry and protected.
  • A fiberglass shank for enhanced stability.
  • This shoe offers electrical hazard protection.
  • Excellent quality and durability.


The Ariat Hermosa is a durable and comfortable 8-inch work boot that reduces static electricity build-up and gives the most advanced support

  • The uppers and foot are manufactured from the finest quality durable leather.
  • The Cobalt XR technology gives superior support and manages temperature to keep your feet warm or cool as required.
  • A roper toe profile for comfort and durability.
  • The X-Static lining reduces the build up of static electricity.
  • The outsole is durable as well as oil and slip resistant.
  • A protective steel toe to keep your toes and feet safe from falling objects and compression.
  • Available in Redwood and Aged Bark colors.

If you are looking for the perfect work boot for colder weather conditions or snow, then look no further the Chippewa 24951 is an insulated and waterproof work boot with and 8-inch shaft for superior protection and warm comfort.
  • Smooth golden tan, waterproof Nubuck leather uppers with a matching 8-inch lace-up shaft.
  • The seam-sealed construction and waterproof leather will keep your feet dry and protected at all times.
  • An added 400g of 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation will ensure your feet are kept warm in the coldest conditions.
  • An orthotic insole for more cushioning and support.
  • A durable non-slip synthetic outsole to keep you standing firmly.
  • Available in Nubuck and Golden Tan colors.

The Wolverine Marauder is a comfortable and durable pair of work boots that is also insulated to protect you against colder weather conditions.
  • Features a Multishox full cushioned footbed that absorbs shock and gives great support.
  • The full-grain leather uppers are waterproof and durable.
  • The outsole is abrasion, heat, oil, and slip-resistant.
  • A Wave mesh lining ensures moisture-wicking comfort and dryness.
  • The midsole is made from lightweight and comfortable polyurethane.
  • The Nylon shank provides extra stability and durability.
  • A 400g Thinsulate Ultra insulation system to keep you warm.
  • The steel toe protects your feet and toes against compression and heavy falling objects.

Timberland Pro offers a fantastic 8-inch work boot, the Direct Attach Waterproof work boot. A durable and insulated work boot that is comfortable and ensures good grip and traction on any floor surface.
  • Insulated with 400g of insulation to keep you warm and comfortable in colder weather conditions.
  • The rubber lug outsole is slip and oil resistant, offering great grip and traction.
  • The entire boot is seam sealed and waterproof for protection and durability.
  • Full grain leather uppers and breathable mesh linings that have been treated with Agion antimicrobial treatment to resist odor and fight bacteria.
  • The Nylon shock diffusion plate gives you incredible support when you need it the most.
  • A padded collar and lightweight blown-thermal plastic midsole for comfort and flexibility.
  • The open-cell polyurethane insole has also been treated with the Agion antimicrobial treatment.
  • Direct-Attach Construction for durability and long lasting wear.

You cannot go wrong with any of these choices for an excellent 8-inch work boot, insulated or not insulated the choice is up to you. Each of these boots has some exceptional qualities to offer and will provide you with optimum comfort, durability, and protection for a tough day at work.

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