Best Ice Fishing Boots

Ice fishing is a sport or hobby whereby the fisherman uses hooks and spears through an opening in ice or a frozen body of water to catch fish. Ice fishing can be done in the open or in and enclosed bunk with amenities. Ice fishing is done in extreme cold weather conditions and snow. Therefore it is necessary to wear the correct clothing and footwear to keep you warm and dry as well as protected from the hazards involved in this sport and hobby.

The Best Ice Fishing Boots

Index Table for the Best Ice Fishing Boots

1Sorel Men's Conquest - Rugged Ice Fishing Boot with Ankle Support Sorel
  • Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber Sole
2Baffin Men's Impact - Insulated Ice Fishing Boot Baffin
  • Rubber Sole
  • Thermaplush Insulation
  • Gelflex Midsole
3Muck Men's Arctic Pro - Waterproof Camo Ice Fishing Boot Muck
  • Stretch Fit
  • Airmesh Lining
  • Bob Tracker Outsole
  • CR Flex Foam
  • Contour Footbed
4Baffin Men's Endurance - Snow Boot for Ice Fishing Baffin
  • Waterproof
  • Long Shaft
  • Rubber Sole
5Kamik Men's Canuck - Slip Resistant Ice Fishing Boots Kamik
  • Waterproof
  • Zylex Liner
  • Slip Resistant
  • 15 Inch High

Hazards involved in Ice Fishing

Ice fishing can be quite dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Hazards such as thinning ice that you and your vehicle can fall through, as well as frostbite or pneumonia from exposure to freezing and wet conditions. Then you can there is also the risk of injury because of the sharp tools and hooks that you are using and carbon monoxide poisoning if you are using a heater in an enclosed space. One of the most likely risks is slipping on the ice if you are not wearing the correct footwear offering good grip.

Tips on Selecting the best Ice Fishing Boots

When choosing the perfect pair of ice fishing boots, there are a few key aspects to take into consideration.

  • You are going to be operating in freezing weather, and snow so makes sure that your ice fishing boot is well insulated and that you have good quality socks that are also suitable for this weather.
  • The snow and ice along with the cold water can enter your shoes causing wetness that can result in frostbite or infection, so make sure that your fishing boot is completely waterproof and that the shaft is long enough to prevent any liquids from seeping into the shoe.
  • Make sure that your ice fishing boot is well padded and comfortable because you are going to be moving around in them quite a bit.
  • Breathability should also not be forgotten as your feet may sweat because of all the activity; therefore, a sweat absorbing inner liner will come in handy.
  • The boot should not fit too tightly especially in the toe box area because you are going to be wearing thick insulated socks with your Ice fishing boots.
  • Last and most importantly you are going to be walking and standing on very volatile and slippery ice, so you will want a boot that offers excellent traction and grip, making sure that the outsole is also waterproof.

What Characterizes an Ice Fishing Boot

  • Tough and durable leather uppers that are covered with a waterproof membrane or are waterproof.
  • A durable, slip resistant rubber outsoles that provides excellent grip even on icy surfaces and is also waterproof.
  • Insulated with Thinsulate or other synthetic or natural insulation materails.
  • A comfortable footpad or insole and good shock absorbency.

Top Ice Fishing Boots Reviews

Choosing the best pair of ice fishing boots can be a difficult process. Therefore we have researched and listed some of the best rated and reviewed ice fishing boots available for 2016;


The Sorel Conquest is a durable and comfortable ice fishing boot that is ideal for even the most extreme weather conditions.

  • Manufactured from waterproof leather that is seam sealed to keep your feet warm and dry.
  • A built-in gaiter/bootie with an easy barrel-lock closure and bungee drawstring for walking in deeper snow.
  • An Achilles adjustment strap that can be tightened to give ankle support for uneven terrain.
  • The removable EVA Footbed is comfortable, reduces weight and gives thermal protection.
  • Rated for down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Added 400g of Thisulate insulation.


The Impact Boot by Baffin is a high-performance boot for everyone who enjoys the outdoors in the winter time. It is wind and waterproof boot that is comfortable and well insulated to keep your feet warm and dry in the absolute lowest temperatures.

  • A rubber outsole that offers great grip capabilities and deep traction.
  • Available in either suede or leather around the ankle area.
  • An eight layer boot system insulated with Thermaplush that is rated up to -148 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A comfortable and supportive GelFlex midsole.
  • A comfortable and durable boot that offers protection against extreme cold weather conditions.


If you are looking for an all in one outdoor adventure boot that can withstand even the coldest and wettest weather conditions, then the Muck Arctic Pro is the boot for you. This is and outdoor adventure boot that is ideal for ice fishing and many other outdoor activities because of is exemplary features and characteristics.

  • A 2mm Thermal foam underlay is keeping your feet dry and warm.
  • The 8mm CR Flex-Foam bootie with four way stretch Nylon for added protection.
  • Will keep your feet warm in temperatures far below – 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The stretch-fit topline keeps cold wind and liquids from entering the boot.
  • A Bob-Tracker outsole with fantastic grip and traction capabilities.
  • An EVA midsole and contoured footbed for comfort and support.
  • This boot is 100% waterproof from top to bottom.
  • The breathable air mesh lining helps to eliminate sweat and odor to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Available in two different Camo tones.


When the weather is at it’s worst the Baffin Endurance will keep you warm and protected with it’s well insulated and rugged construction. The waterproof taped seam construction ensures that your feet are completely insulated, and the adjustable snow collar allows you easy access with gloved fingers.

  • Constructed from waterproof fabric and rubber.
  • A durable rubber sole for excellent grip on slippery and wet surfaces.
  • The 14.5-inch shaft makes sure your entire leg is protected.
  • Taped seam construction with an extendable snow cuff that has an elastic lace and lace-lock for easy adjustment.
  • A flat pocket at the lateral side for your convenience.
  • The single pull strap wraps at the ankle for easy one pull adjustment.


The Kamik Canuck is a perfect cold weather boot that will be ideal to use on adventures such as ice fishing. This boot will keep the heat in and cold out while still keeping your feet dry and comfortable on the inside.

  • A 15 Inch High boot to protect your entire leg.
  • Manufactured from 1000 Denier waterproof Nylon.
  • A perfect boot for plowing through thick snow banks.
  • The toggle strings at the ankle and opening of the boot keep heat in and cold out.
  • The removable 8mm Zylex liner adds, even more, insulation.
  • A slip-resistant tread to keep you on your feet on the slippery ice and snow.

So in conclusion, what does a good pair of ice fishing boots consist of today? Most importantly, keeping all water out and all the heat in! When you are treading through puddles and mud, or even deep snow and on thin ice to get to the perfect fishing spot, you want your feet warm, dry and comfortable as well as firmly planted on the ground.

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